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Gin ‘n’ Tonic Martini

Are you kidding?  A Gin ‘n’Tonic Martini? To explore new worlds,To seek out new life and civilizations,To go where no man has gone before. First, I am not on a five year mission.  I was just looking to finish off … Continue reading

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Birthday Dinner @ California Grill February 2, 2024

In the words of that great man of American Letters, Yogi Berra, and I quote: “It was dejà vu all over again.”  The Cali Grill has been my go to place for the past 8 year to celebrate National Groundhog Day, which conveniently takes … Continue reading

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Writing in My Head

I once read that when John Irving writes a novel, he puts the final sentence down, and then without changing a word or punctuation mark, he goes about creating a novel underneath that sentence. That my friends is pretty intimidating.  Irving is … Continue reading

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Recipe Frustration

Do you suffer from RTS (Recipe Trepidation Syndrome) as I do? I do enjoy puttering around in the kitchen.  But I am wary of any recipe that calls for electrical gadgets to be employed in the prep… such as blenders … Continue reading

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