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The Refrigerator Farted, or “Who Farted in the Refrigerator?”

Taken from the application form for Dartmouth College: Mickey Mouse farted and said:A. “Excuse me.”B. “Ooops.”C. “Pluto!  What have you done?”Choose one, in less than 100 words explain your answer. Fart.  So, where do we begin?  The word traces its … Continue reading

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Laughing at Midnight

I have been known to tell rather long & elaborate anecdotes/jokes.  Once, a friend during one of my epic recitations excused himself and took refuge in the restroom.  To save you from a tale of unexpected length, please find the … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Chicken & Biscuits w/ Sand Pedro de Yacochuya Torrontes 2020

This recipe is so simple I nearly passed it by.  Bare in mind, I am no wizard in the kitchen.  Ease of prep and cooking are essential for me (although lots of ingredients – which I don’t mind— can camouflage … Continue reading

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In the Service of the Martini

“The Martini is the only American invention as perfect as the English sonnet.” —  H. L. Mencken When I confronted my first Martini in April 1973, poolside at Cambridge Beaches in Sandys Parish Bermuda, I didn’t give much consideration to the … Continue reading

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