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Sicilian Pork with Spaghetti and Jean-François Coquard Morgon “Les Charmes” ’16

I was looking for a “transitional dish”.  You know what I’m talking about.  Summer is fading into the rearview mirror, yet the robust days of football Sunday and frost on the pumpkin have yet to arrive. I wanted a dish … Continue reading

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Two Ladies & Homarus Americanus

On Sunday Sandy and I took advantage of Shop Rite’s $6.99 a pound lobster sale. Whenever we see lobsters on sale, we usally act!  I steam them in beer, throw in some corn on the husk… sometimes I add some … Continue reading

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Foil Pack Santa Fe Chicken Dinner & Thierry Véron Sancerre Rosé

Summer is in the “back nine” of the season, but I am still interested in “alt recipes” to put on the grill. I have come upon another one of these “put-stuff-in-a-foil-pack” and throw-it-on-a-heat-source recipes. I can well imagine that there is … Continue reading

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The Mamaloshen

In 1791 Catherine the Great created the Pale of Settlement. It was the territory within Russia where Jews were permitted to live. It included all of Belarus, Lithuania and Moldova, much of present-day Ukraine, parts of eastern Latvia. And with … Continue reading

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