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Painting With Donnie

Hello my beautiful friends!  It’s such a beautiful day today that I thought it would be very nice to paint a terrific golf scene!  I love playing golf!  Why don’t you join me today?  We can choose to go to … Continue reading

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Hard Cider Braised Bratwursts & Dr. H. Thanisch Riesling ’17

Call me lazy, but come the cooler weather “in-door” season, I love recipes that use slow cookers, dutch ovens or single-skillets.  There is perception that there is a simplicity to the assembly, prep and cooking.  I’m all for that!  And … Continue reading

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“Irregular Verb” Chicken Soup & 2019 Sunset Meadow Vidal Blanc

I saw this recipe described as “Southern Italian Chicken Soup” and re-named it.  Normally I take a pass on soup recipes… but this intrigued me.  Southern Italian?  Like Sicily or Apulia?  No!  Southern, like south of the Mason Dixon Line!  … Continue reading

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Lawn Signs

Periodically I do a 6-7 mile loop walking thru Woodbury.  Just about half that distance is on Main St. (Route 6), but most is off the main drag. {Sidebar 1:  it is a stretch to consider any road in Woodbury … Continue reading

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