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He Was a Dreamer

We’re coming to the edgeRunning on the waterComing through the fogYour sons and daughters Let the river runLet all the dreamersWake the nationCome, the New Jerusalem As it turns out, my Aunt Meggie only had a short time left on … Continue reading

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BLT Supreme & Montesel Prosecco ’16

Hard to imagine that a sandwich as prosaic as a BLT needs further elaboration or exposition. It’s the way I felt! BLT? Yawn. Wake up you doubters! There is a “new” way to attack this modest assemblage and bring it … Continue reading

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The Key Brands

I’m not a huge cereal guy. And? I don’t know if I was ever a real cereal guy. Maybe as a kid? But once I entered Union I discovered the exceptional quality of eggs over-easy & whatever my interest in … Continue reading

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Chicken Parm Burgs & Penya Rouge

I have been following the Delish recipes on Facebook for some time. The recipes look catchy, fairly simple & straightforward and the fast-motion video clips help with the techniques to use. The last clip invariably shows a fork digging into the finished … Continue reading

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