Recipe Frustration

Do you suffer from RTS (Recipe Trepidation Syndrome) as I do? I do enjoy puttering around in the kitchen.  But I am wary of any recipe that calls for electrical gadgets to be employed in the prep… such as blenders & food processors.  I don’t even use an electrical can opener. I also stay away from obscure ingredients like eye of newt and esoteric devices like the thing that skims fat off of a simmering stew.  Or other bizarre kitchen implements that Williams Sonoma hawk that trace their origins to the torture chambers of the Spanish Inquisition.

From the image below you can see that my favorite New Yorker cartoonist, Roz Chaz, has captured the spirit of my angst.  Although my “recipe back-up” would probably be 2 White Castle sliders, and not a can of tuna.

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