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So… tootsies cold are they?  And regardless of the boot, overshoe or thermal socks, you just can’t get your precious toes warm enough on those frigid winter days! Rest easy… the astute buyers at Hammacher Schlemmer have found the perfect solution!


Penguin Over-Feet

Do you think you have it cold?  Emperor Penguins endure the harshest conditions of the Antarctic winter to breed.  With air temperatures of -40° F, wind gusts of 75MPH, the males of the colony cluster together into tight huddles, balancing a single egg on the top of their feet.  For two months the males stand in the pitch black of winter with their feet as the only protection from the pack ice for their incubating egg. Now you can enjoy the same protection for your feet!  First, we send you a kit for making a plaster of Paris cast for each foot.  Follow the very clear and easy instructions, include your inseam measurement and return in the self paid carton.  Our work shops will then individually hand craft form fitting over-feet made with real penguin skin that will give your feet the same insulation and protection as an Emperor Penguin! No bulky socks, no cumbersome boots! Perfect for trekking across frozen ponds and negotiating icy driveways! Please allow 12 weeks for delivery.


Item 83947 Price $899.99

Item 83948 Price $989.99 [Four Toe Version, Not Shown]

penguin feet

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