A Welcomed Twist on TV Dinners!

My Grandmother must be smiling in Heaven!  I can picture her now, arms comfortably folded resting above her lap as she nods with approval.  Wherefore the joy?  I have just purchased a TV Dinner from the Crown Market in West Hartford: “From Bubie’s Kitchen ®”!  Brilliant idea!  I can barely contain my excitement! 

I picked up the “cold” dinner: a piece of gefilte fish with a dippy of beet horseradish; a bit of rye bread & pumpernickel; a portion of chopped chicken liver; and a piece of pound cake for dessert!

“From Bubie’s Kitchen ®” there is also a “hot” offering: beef brisket au jus with noodle kugel; carrot tzimmes; and a Sephardic fruit compote for dessert!

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