Lawn Signs

Periodically I do a 6-7 mile loop walking thru Woodbury.  Just about half that distance is on Main St. (Route 6), but most is off the main drag. {Sidebar 1:  it is a stretch to consider any road in Woodbury as truly a main drag}. And on my walks I encounter any number of signs stuck in the ground fronting homes, churches (we have 4 in Woodbury!) & places of business.

Many signs give thanks to the essential workers… giving well-deserved thumbs up to everyone in the chain of keeping our lives together. And then there are many signs with this signature: “Hate Has No Home Here.”

We are also in a Presidential election cycle, so there are lawn signs supporting specific Presidential candidates, and other aspirants in this election year.

My observations:

1. Only a few folks put out lawn signs. Although there are more “Thank you” & “Hate Has No Home Here” signs out there than signs of political endorsement.

2. Several examples where signs in a location only offer down ticket candidates, and there is no association with the Presidential head liner.  Why is that? {Sidebar 2: I can remember the day when signs would not only note the candidate’s name, but also his/her party affiliation. I rarely see that today.}

3. There were a few locations where there were signs for both “Hate Has No Home Here”, and a sign for support for a specific Presidential  candidate.

Question:  On the locations that had both Hate Has No Home Here and a sign offering support for a Presidential candidate – who would you guess that candidate to be?

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