Open Faced Roast Beef Sliders, and…

This,  friends, is about key ingredients.  Not an elaborate recipe here.  Nor of a great prestige wine served alongside from a fancy-shmancy Baccarat decanter.  {SPOILER ALERT: put away your wine stems.}

Richard Parker, my man frog (pictured below in front of my film library), noticed that I was feeling out of sorts… some issues deeply concerning (which I will not go into here), others that may seem trivial (like my Eggs Benedict this morning were overdone); nonetheless, Richard took note and made adjustments in preparing a light midday repast.

With exquisite skill he presented: sliced rare roast beef, with a square of swiss cheese, sitting on a thin layer of  Boar’s Head pub horseradish sauce, taking up residence on a well-toasted half of a Wolferman’s sourdough mini English muffin. Added to my luncheon board, a side of Clauson’s mini kosher dills (I think of them as cornichons with a Yiddish accent).

And then, not a glass of wine here.  Rather, a superb extra-dry Tanqueray Martini, slightly dirty, assembled with my own hand.  The garnish is Old South’s tom olives.

Yes, there are wines that could be enjoyed as an alt beverage.  If you want my choice recommendations send me a 1500 word essay on the topic “What is the Difference between the Continental Congress of 1776 and a Frat Party at Delta Upsilon in 1976” OR, you can send me a check for the discounted rate of $85. 

nb: If you are curious about the small red cup pictured.   For those who remember ordering a milkshake “back in the day”, you would get your shake in the glass and any extra in the mixing tin!  It was like the milk shake “declared a dividend”.   Simply stated, the red cup was my Martini dividend.  

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