A New Variety of Apricot

I am the person in our household responsible for assessing the quality and desirability of the type of fruit that we add to our shopping cart.  I take pride in being a student of fruit, and attribute this interest and skill set to an inheritance from my Mother (although I confess to having a blind spot in picking appropriate strawberries and peaches/nectarines).

I’m always on the alert for the introduction of new variations.  For example, white strawberries from Japan. Or, flying saucer strawberries. Or, cotton candy grapes and moon drop grapes.  There always seems to be a new variety of apple worthy of testing.  And then there are the “mongrel” combinations such as a cross of a plum and apricot: pluot (not a fan).  Maybe just products of bored horticulturalists intent on tinkering with Mother Nature’s plan?

And speaking of apricots… here is a subtle variation of apricot that I picked up this past Sunday.   Clearly identified in signage at our Stop & Shop:

“Tushie Apricots” 

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