Notes from Reggie Shlomo-Whyte… the 19th Hole

Splendid day, isn’t it? Splendid!  And what could be better on a splendid day, splendid afternoon actually, then strolling to the grill room of the club after competing on the course.  18 holes to be exact.  I should note that some holes were played under trying circumstances.  For example, when my ball lay mere inches from several Canada geese turds in the trap protecting the green on the 3rd hole! What club to use?  Why must these despicable fowl treat our sand hazards as a feline litter box!  OR, why is the TP at the privy by the 10th tee the scratchy kind? Never mind… on to the 19th Hole!  I think a brandy smash would “wear” quite nicely, don’t you?


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