Why I Write

I write for my kids, and maybe their kids… or for folks who know me, or who want to know me.

My big brother Paul has a line, “we are but a blink of an eye before the Supreme.” I don’t know the origin of the line, I would like to think that he crafted it… regardless, I love that line.

Our time here is brief.

But our words and thoughts endure.

I have no money, no great wealth beyond these words.

I leave my children, and their children, my words…

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1 Response to Why I Write

  1. Lisa Cadan says:

    Uncle Jimmy – the reasons why you write are truly amazing and if nothing else your kids will know you better than most children ever get to know their parents.

    Now.. done with the compliments. You forgot to mention me, your favorite neice Lisa – Lots of Love, Lisa

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