“The Ash Creek Papers” or better put, its Introduction

For the uninitiated — these past six years or so I have been working for a unique wine retailer: Grapes… tasting wine, reading about wine, talking about wine, leading wine tastings to the public & occasionally selling a bottle or two.  I love what I do.  I love wine.  Nothing goes better with food.  A glass of wine transforms eating into dining.
I also love Martinis (which I consume before dining)… in the words of that great American man-of-letters H.L. Mencken, “the Martini is the only American invention as perfect as the English Sonnet.”  And folks, the drink is made with gin.
I also love good whisky (a beverage I particularly favor after dining)… specifically Single Malt Scotch from Islay and rich Bourbons from Kentucky.
And it is in pursuing knowledge of the latter that brings me to Ash Creek Saloon — a mere stone’s throw from the front door of Grapes.  I am there on many a night at close of my business day… put that as 9:00PMish.  And while reviewing the activity of the day, and while furthering my appreciation of Kentucky’s gift to the world, I often take out pen & paper and record an idea or two. 
Probably half the pages herein were drafted while enjoying the hospitality of the Ash Creek Staff.  So it seems appropriate to think of this collection of musings as properly titled “The Ash Creek Papers”… written in the summer of my life.
But before you begin your journey here, this you should know: it all begins with my Grandmother “Mommie Sophie”.  In growing up she was the reigning matriarch and bedrock of my family.  Her influence courses thru me, and you will meet her here… as you will the rest of my family.  So too an assortment of friends, college roomies, colleagues at Grapes and significantly my children Zack, Shaina & Suzy.  Many of these pieces spring from conversations or ideas that we shared.
The architect for this site, and one of the inspirations to create it (Gary Moss, friend-for-life & Niece Lisa Cadan among others suggested it, too), is my Nephew Chipp Winston. 
Although not responsible for the content, he is responsible for everything else.  And if you have any problems with the aesthetics or organization of the site take your complaints to him.  For that matter, if you have problems with the content, take it to him, too.  He has fine young shoulders to bear the weight of stinging criticism.  I, on the other hand, would go into the corner to sulk and cry.

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3 Responses to “The Ash Creek Papers” or better put, its Introduction

  1. Chipp Winston says:

    This is a site among sites. Beautiful work!

  2. Adam Cadan says:

    Beauty is often found in simplicity…the name of the site says it all. Go Jimbo!

  3. Alan Cadan says:

    Dear Mr. Naretsky of the New Yorker,
    This is indeed a website of grand proportions ideally tailored to your detailed recreations of your past ! Certainly, if your (our) nephew, Chipp Winston, is responsible for its format, it can be said of his prowess: “Now that’s How To Shake A Towel!!!!”.

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