Martini Construction

As you may be aware, there are few things I hold as dear as a superbly made Martini.  And it is rare that I find an “away” Martini ever comes close to what I create in my “home court.”  The one time was some 40 years ago (give or take a year or so) at Victoria & Alberts in the Grand Floridian, when our server wheeled out a damask covered cart with all the fixings hidden from view… then he brought all the necessaries top side and proceeded to make my Martini at the table… with the same élan and skill set used in making steak tartare at the table.  Extraordinary theater.  I loved it.

Yes, a deserving nod of approval goes to V & A. 

However, I stand by my claim (with only a hint of hubris) that my Martini is a reference point cocktail.

For a demonstration of the construction of my Martini, click on this link:


 p.s. When we went back to V & A a few years later they had discontinued the “Martini Service” at the table.

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