And the Signs Said…

“Behead those who slander Islam”

“Europe take some lessons from 9/11”

“Europe you will pay. Your 9/11 is on the way”

“Be prepared for the real Holocaust”

Real pleasant sentiments. Still, I wonder at the purpose of putting pictures of these demonstrators with their hideous signs into circulation. Do we really need evidence that there is hatred in the world?

Do we really believe that some how Islam has cornered the exclusivity on irrational extremism?

Yet I am sure that there are those who believe, who want to believe, that somehow the beliefs expressed by a portion of the Islamic Community are emblematic of the feelings of the entire Islamic Community.

And there are those who would fan the flames of fear and discontent to pursue their mindless policies. And these despicable characters, these master manipulators of information, can be Al-Queda from Headquarters unknown, and they can be Senior Executives of this Administration from inside the Oval Office.

Don’t you think the Islamic World is flooded with pictures of our troops near blasted Iraqi buildings with Mothers and children bloodied and in tears?

And who benefits from this?

It is the way the extremists lure those of more moderate views to their orbit, like a massive “tractor beam” from Star Wars.

Each day these highly charged images of hate swell the legions of their respective audiences. Opinions and positions harden… in turn leading to further demonstrations and counter demonstrations.

Let’s take a closer look at these photographs. It’s a demonstration taking place in London. A mixed crowd of young and old, men and women. Some faces set to angry scowls, mouth opened to loud shouts, signs printed clearly in English, “Behead those who slander Islam.”

What about these guys wearing keffiyehs? Their faces are conveniently hidden from exposing their identities. Brings to mind another group of cowards who wore hoods doesn’t it? Except those cowards who were draped in white robes and hoods hiding their identities weren’t Muslims, they were White Christians of the KKK.

You don’t have to look under too many rocks to find slime.

And you don’t need the internet, CNN and an active Press to provide you your daily ration of anger and bile. You don’t have to go to London or Baghdad either. Just drive down the road and knock on 100 doors I am sure that you will find hatred lurking behind a door or two.

I do not believe that everyone who prays in a Mosque is an extremist plotting a Holy War against the West. Although I am sure there is an extremist or two among their number who supports that call to a Jihad.

The question is now… what are you pre-disposed to believe?

It’s real easy to accept the signs of hatred… it’s all over for the taking. It’s what sells… the dirty little headlines at the check-out counter. There is plenty to feed your fear and distrust.

You can choose to believe that vigilance and strength can be sustained by setting out concertina wire and buying more fancy ordinance. But vigilance without morality is a fortress built in sand.

You can choose to answer extremism’s clarion call. Stockpile weapons both mental and real. Head for your bunkers both mental and real.

Or choose a path that puts the purveyors of hate in perspective. A path that recognizes that for every delusional suicide bomber there are 100,000 souls who respect life and would not dream of carrying out such a heinous act.

Look at the photograph again… a young man whose fist is raised in rage before the sign, “Exterminate those who slander Islam.”

These ugly pictures are recruitment posters for hate and fear.

Do you want to sign up?

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