Washing of the Hands

Passover, Passover, Passover… I love it today.  I loved it when we lived at 25 Alston Avenue.  I can remember that in advance of the Holiday a station wagon would drive up to our house and park in the driveway by the basement window to our store room… and also Mommie Soph’s “duplicate kitchen”.  The window would be opened and the guy would off load the necessary supplies for the Passover week.  I have no clue what was included in the delivery other than matzah and dessert stuff – pound cake, macaroons & Bartons’ candy.  We know it wasn’t gefilte fish… Mommie Soph had that well covered!

And here we are today.  Trying times.  Yes, there are light hearted stabs at equating  this virus as a plague that Moses over looked in bringing the Pharaoh to heel.  But I’m thinking about this hand washing thing.  And it brings me full circle to our Passover table at 25 Alston Avenue.

Curious isn’t it for our highly-reformed-enjoying-the-festivity-of-Christmas family to have a pretty much by-the-book Passover Seder!  But we did!  And it included the several times that Dad would go into the kitchen to wash his hands!  No foolin’.  I have handled Seders for years, and have never done the hand washing steps! 

But with all our present concerns regarding health & safety we have become hand washing noodniks!  But tonight, I’ll put my sarcasm aside, and in my memory return to our table at 25 Alston Ave, when on cue Dad would dutifully head to the kitchen to wash his hands.

A dish, sometimes overlooked, that Mommie Soph would prepare: eggs in salt water

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